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 Taxi Licences: Numbers and Issue

The Problem: How many taxi licences should
be in force to serve the community and
maintain a viable industry? What is the best
way to issue or withdraw licences in response
to changes in demand?

The Solution: Local consultation and on-the-
street checks, by consultants familiar with the
industry, backed up and confirmed by objective
statistical analysis.

Local Consultation: Each city has a unique
taxi industry. Hara Associates is experienced
in assessing local conditions by interviewing
industry dispatchers, drivers, license holders,
and fleet owners.

Knowledge of the industry provides comfort
to those being interviewed, and ensures
objective interpretation of the information

On-the-street checks: Visual inspection of
conditions at taxi-stands and sample trips
provide further assessment of local conditions.
Formal measurement of waiting time at
taxi stands can be informative once seasonal
and weather conditions are taken into account.

Objective Statistical Back-up: The Hara Associates Taxi Demand Model, described in a separate service sheet, provides objective support for on-street observations and local consultations.

Issuing Licences: Hara Associates has evaluated alternatives and designed procedures for issuing taxi licences, including cases of amalgamation of jurisdictions.

Sample chart showing taxi stand waiting times.
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