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 Taxi Regulation Program

Hara Associates is a small firm of economists and management consultants specializing in the evaluation and design of public policy and regulations.

The regulation of vehicles-for-hire has been, and continues to be, a major area of interest for the firm.

Hara Associates Taxi Regulation Program links the firm's basic research on taxicab regulation, and conference participation, with a full range of consulting services for regulators.

Bring us your tough problems!

Service Offerings: Key services in the Taxi Regulation Program are described in individual service sheets.

Audit, Evaluation, and Review: Review the allocation of regulatory resources; review the effectiveness of legislation and regulations.

Costs and Rate Setting:
Evaluate fairness of current fares, and develop method for rate review.

Licence Numbers and Issuance:

Determine number of licences needed to serve the public, and develop efficient procedures for licence issue.

Hara Associates Taxi Demand Model:
Objective statistical estimates of the number of taxicabs required to serve the community.


Hara Associates' Taxi Regulation Program has been serving taxi and limousine regulators since 1987. Past clients include Los Angeles, Edmonton, Washington, D.C., Halifax, Sudbury, Calgary, Kitchener-Waterloo, and Ottawa-Carleton. Please call for client references.

Dr. Hara has 21 years experience advising government agencies on regulatory and transportation policy. A specialist in industrial organization, his work has covered many regulatory environments. He has presented numerous reports to public forums and elected representatives.

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