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Audit, Evaluation and Review

The Problem: Are regulatory resources being applied to optimum effect?

Do current legislation and regulations allow effective and efficient regulation in the public interest?

The Solution: Hara Associates has the theoretical and practical knowledge of regulatory analysis, value-for-money auditing, and the taxi industry to answer these questions.

Hara Associates unique combination of knowledge and experience with the taxi industry, regulatory analysis, and value-for-money auditing, offers taxi regulators expert and objective assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of regulation and enforcement.


Typical Services:

● Review of regulatory practices and procedures
● Assessment of level and allocation of resources
● Evaluation of regulatory structure
● Review of legislation
● Audit & Program Evaluation

Hara Associates maintains a separate practice in value-for-money auditing and program evaluation. Added to our knowledge of the taxi industry, Hara Associates offers a unique combination of skills in evaluating taxi and limousine regulatory programs.

Sample chart showing inspectors per 1,000 taxis.
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