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 Taxi Demand Model

The Problem: How many taxi licences are needed

The Solution: Hara Associates Taxi Demand Model

Determining an appropriate number of licences to serve the community is at the heart of many problems facing taxicab regulators. The Taxi Demand Model was developed in answer to this need. It provides a powerful analytical tool for the regulator, as well as a means of reviewing required numbers on a regular basis.

The Taxi Demand Model is much more than a ratio of taxis to population, incorporating:

  • population
  • ratio of commuters to population
  • low-income population
  • climate
  • cost of private vehicle operation
  • taxi fare

This is a demand responsive model:
  • Constructed using advanced statistical techniques.
  • Based on a cross-section of cities with different characteristics.
  • Using objective data from public sources.
  • Producing statistically valid estimates.

The model is intended as a complement for local consultation and on-street observations.

Sample chart showing number of taxis per capita.

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