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 Taxi Costs and Rate Setting

The Problem:

What should the rates be?
How should rates be set and reviewed?

The Solution:

Hara Associates has many years experience advising regulators
on rate review policy and
efficient mechanisms for
regular review.

A Taxi Cost Index can be developed to facilitate future rate review by tracking the cost of taxi operation. This method provides empirical support for regular rate review hearings, and is very cost effective for any size of jurisdiction.
The Taxi Cost Index is easy and effective to use:
  • Calculated for local conditions and costs of operation.
  • Easily adjusted to meet changes in local conditions.
  • Independent of industry provided financial data.
  • Index components freely available from central statistical agencies.


Sample chart showing Total Cost Index and CPI.

    Rate Structure

Rate structure is a different
question from rate level.
Hara Associates has the
knowledge and experience
to evaluate the structure, and
assess its implications for
quality of service and
methods of operation.
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